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Spray Max

Spray MAX 2k Rapid Primer FillerGRAY Non ISO - 3680031

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Universal, quick-drying 2K primer for high quality automotive paint jobs. Ideal for partial paint jobs and spot repair. Cure rust on new and rusty surfaces with the Spray Max 2K Rapid Primer Filler. This two-component primer can be used as an overcoat with any 1K/2K base or topcoat system. It is a quick primer filler available in a 12.3 oz aerosol can. Spray Max is a unique isocyanate-free primer formula that provides exceptional build and fill. It dries quickly and sands easily as well. Just activate, shake and spray this primer filler and it will give a good color holdout. The gray color primer formula can be used on properly prepared metal, and it provides excellent adhesion. You can use it on bare steel as well to protect it from corrosion. This primer filler has a long pot life of 24 hours at 68 degrees F. The pot life may vary depending on the ambient temperature. It is recommended for universal priming for repairing small and medium damages, spot repair, and parts refinishing.