KARAJEN Magnetic BoxHanger - Maazzo
KARAJEN Magnetic BoxHanger - Maazzo


KARAJEN Magnetic BoxHanger (54044)

Sale price$97.25

Hang your cleaning/degreasing towel box on any metal surface, while still in its original cardboard packaging or dispensing box. This innovative 2-piece Magnetic BoxHanger pierces into the sides of the box and attaches magnetically to the wall, so you can keep your materials clean and off the floor.

  •  Works with almost any box shape that is at least 9” high 
  •  Fitted with heavy duty magnets to hold plenty of weight >
  •  For use in your shop, factory or home 
  •  Holds many types of supplies that are in a standard cardboard box 
  •  Durable 13-gauge steel construction with high gloss powder coated finish 
  •  Built to last and to be used over and over again 

Material props shown in images are not included.

CAUTION: Never use any magnetic accessory on or near computer equipment. Use caution with all magnetic
products. Keep fingers and other important body parts away from the path of the magnetic – metal contact.